- Established 30 years ago, as a national company, designed for petroleum products and cooker gas transportation, as part of the former Chemical Industry and Petroleum Ministry, under the name of ITAPP PECO

- Brought about essential changes and improvements to the organizational, technological and logistical aspects of cargo transportation by road over these years

1991 - Is ranked as a commercial company, under the name TRANSPECO SA

1995 - Merges with SNP PETROM, as a road transportation branch. In addition to transportation, it operates as a trading company, especially in GPL sector: auto gas and propane, distributed at auto gas stations and other commercial and household usage

2004 - OMV becomes the SNP PETROM major investor and takes over TRANSPECO branch, while maintaining the same operation procedures

2007 - A new structural change in the legal and organizational status: break off from PETROM OMV system and setting up of TRANSPECO LOGISTICS & DISTRIBUTION SA on private Romanian capital

- Its profile stays mostly the same: liquid fuel (all sorts of gasoline and diesel fuel), liquid gas (auto gas and propane bulk and small bulk) and cooking gas cylinder transportation

- The new structure ensures full management autonomy in signing contracts for services within its scope, and the flexibility to adjust its services and tariffs to client demands and meet their requirements

- The company structure boasts dispatch units equipped with state-of-the-art electronic devices and highly-trained personnel to manage the transportation fleet in the supply of commercial or household units, and permanent monitoring of stock and sale levels. Upon client request, sale and cash-in documentation may be drawn up

- Technological improvements: new improved means of transportation, specialized and diversified in capacity and usage, certified means of quantity control and of routes, pallet transportation equipment; all means and equipments have been licensed by the RAR, ISCIR, IPROCHIM, and Metrology Institute, meeting client needs and expectations of quick, high quality services, provided by qualified and authorized personnel

2008 - Transpeco L&D is awarded the 1st place Diploma for high performance in the Goods Transportation Branch by the National Council of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

TRANSPECO LOGISTICS&DISTRIBUTION SA is certified with OSIM Trade Mark nr. 94442, protected until 2018

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